Living at the top must be a lot of fun
Everybody's thinkin' you were born to be the lucky one
Living in high spirits - drowning in your own success
Yes the dream came true - you only settled for the best

First you think it's funny when everybody knows your name
You didn't feel insulted when they traced down all your ways
And now you're up there on your cloud
And the taste of fame is strong
Yes it's bittersweet on your tongue

Sipping at your whiskey
Wondering who the hell are these people that you daily see?
Friends and lovers acting strange
Are they really what they seem to be?
But the game never ends
And all they want is your song
And you obey their commands
But you're lonely, lost on the sea of applauding hands

As easy as it once begun you're gonna find it's ending too
People that were once so close now lose their interest in you
Come and taste the memories; they're all what's left behind
And they're bittersweet, bittersweet, bittersweet on your mind

spring 1981